PC Repairs

If your computer is running slow or you need help getting things up and running, give us a call!

Virus Removal

Malware is a big threat to personal information stored on your computer as well as your online accounts. Talk to us about how we can keep you protected.


We can fix your WiFi performance and coverage issues so you can enjoy a good connection wherever you are.

Website Design

Call us today about getting a website for your business that has a modern and up to date design and looks great on mobile devices as well.

Managed Services

Take a pro-active approach to your computer maintenance and security with our managed service plans where we take care of everything!

Backup Solutions

Backup your important data so that when things crash, you don’t lose anything important stored on your systems. Talk to us about the options available to you.

Computer Upgrades

Computer running slow? We can assess your computer and perform upgrades that make it run like new (or faster) again.

CCTV & Biometrics

Call us today about getting a CCTV Camera Installed and For Biometric Attendence Management Systems.