Show & Go RFID Attendance


Long Range RFID Gate Reader

RFID based smart card student attendance system with sms alerts to parents. Online digital school attendance tracking with automatic In/Out SMS. Completely wireless system. Student shows Id cum smart card on "Show and Go" RFID device, identity tracked and sent to cloud server that process the data and sends instant SMS to parents' mobile numbers, reports attendance.

Online rfid based smart card school attendance system with sms is completely wireless and digital. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of wireless RFID smart card based student attendance management systems in India.  Both our hardware and software is fully customised to meet each client's requirements and budget after we conduct a detailed analysis of needs. School sms attendance system is inevitable future.


  •  In/Out SMS to parents' mobile on enrty/exit of student from school
  •  Mobile App and Web login for Parents
  •   Online School ERP, Report Card, Fees, Certificates, Payroll
  •  Daily absent employees report to school management.
  •  Free employee attendance
  •  SMS Notifications for events, Birthday Wishes
  •  Automate school attendance, customized reports

How it works

  •  Upload students' excel to web server.
  •  Plug Rfid Device to power supply, connects in 10-15 seconds. Portable, wireless, plug and play.
  • Student show I-Card on machine, instant SMS is delivered to parents mobile
  •  No need of computer and internet. Machine operates on mobile SIM / GPRS
  •  School Attendance data is stored on web server/cloud. Login to web server anytime from any where to view attendance reports.
  •  Daily In/Out SMS and absentee report.

How it works


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